Lalita Yutha

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Ratnarekha Ratnaprabha Ratikala Subhadra Candrarekhika Bhadrarekhika Sumukhi Dhanistha Kalahamsi Kalapini   #Lalita Yutha    

Receta Ekadashi: Muy simple

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      Hervir unas patatas de buena calidad con todas las cascara, asta que sea bien cocida. Pelar y cortar en cubos muy pequeños, espolvorear con abundantes aceitunas negras en trozos , (  si se … Read More

The topmost secret of bhajana

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  Once a disciple asked his guru for the topmost secret of bhajana. The guru replied, “The most confidential secret of bhajana is to always chant the maha-mantra- Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna  Krishna Hare Hare, … Read More


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#Snataka   (1) An initiated householder, a man of the three first classes, who having completed the term prescribed for his studies becomes a housekeeper: if at the end of this period, he has not acquired a … Read More

Asvini Kumara

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Twin Asvinis Satya and Dasra are the tween demigods sons of Vivasvan. (Slokas 17 and 18, Adhyaya 150, Anusasana Parva, Maha-bharata). They are also known as Asvins, Asvinidevas and #Asvini Kumara. These two are the physicians … Read More


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#Brahmarshi Those who have seen, or understood, the transcendental truth.       #Brahmarsi: A Brahmarsi is a very elevated class of sage. Brahmana means “one who knows Brahman” or spiritual knowledge, and Rishi means “seer”. … Read More

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