Amarsa, meaning

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अमर्षण adj. amarSaNa unforgiving   अमर्षण adj. amarSaNa intolerant   अमर्षण n. amarSaNa intolerance   आमर्ष m. AmarSa wrath   अमर्ष m. amarSa indignation   अमर्ष m. amarSa anger   अमर्ष m. amarSa passion   आमर्ष … Read More

Sagara, meaning

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सगर adj. sagara containing poison   सागर adj. sAgara relating to the sea   सगर adj. sagara poisonous   सागर adj. sAgara marine   सगर adj. sagara accompanied by praise   सागर m. sAgara particular high … Read More

Lavanajalam, meaning

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लवणजल adj. lavaNajala having salt water   लवणजल m. lavaNajala ocean   लवणजल m. lavaNajala sea   लवणजलधि m. lavaNajaladhi sea   लवणजलधि m. lavaNajaladhi ocean   लवणजलधि m. lavaNajaladhi receptacle of sea water   लवणजलनिधि … Read More

Who is a Suta

Answering a question A Suta is a child of a pratiloma marriage between a kshatriya male and a brahmani female. Pratiloma, means “inverse”. The Manu Smriti states that a girl of higher caste should not marry … Read More

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