Why Krishna had thousand of wives?

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Question Why Krishna had thousand of wives?   Answer To understand this and other similar points we have to understand how is the spiritual world, how the Supreme Personality of Godhead lives … Read More

I can kill because it’s his karma to be killed by me

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Question Hare Krishna Maharaja Obeisances AgtSP. The other day a devotee commented that the situation cow of the Slaughters is very sad but that it is only “karma”. The person who kills … Read More

Kamika Ekadasi

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The saintly king Yudhisthira maharaj said, “Oh Supreme Lord, I have heard from You the glories of fasting on Deva-sayani Ekadashi, which occurs during the light fortnight of the month of Ashadha. … Read More

Noticias sobre nuestra libreria

Nuestra librería no está lejos de estar lista. Estará listo en unas pocas semanas. Comenzará con – 22 libros en papel y Kindle que compre directamente en Amazon, – 7 libros en … Read More

Brilliant as the Sun: presentation and index to the book

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Brilliant as the Sun is the 22nd book published by Kadacha Editions, a “brilliant” collection of essays, mostly based on questions and answers. Please go over the topics covered below in the … Read More

La Quinta Nota

La Quinta Nota es un nuevo libro publicado por Manonatha dasa (ACBSP) Esta es un tipo de literatura llamada sangraha o colección de escritos compuestos de artículos y respuestas a consultas que … Read More

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