Why is so important to fast on Narasimha Caturdasi?

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In the Carabean zone tomorrow is Narasimha Caturdasi, the appearance day of Lord Narasimha. One should fast until dusk and chant more japamala rounds of the Hare Krishna Mantra possible.   A … Read More

Iskcon law: Guru Name Abbreviations

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Law Book — Guru Name Abbreviations — 2019 [Rule of order] (Proposed by Nrsimha Kavaca Das and sponsored by Madhu Sevita Das and Praghosa Das) Whereas as ISKCON expands and an ever-increasing … Read More

Hau Bilau

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One day, Krishna and Balaram were playing in this place near Yashoda kund with Their friends, but it was time for them to come home to take Their lunch and mother Yashoda … Read More

Drona Parva: index

Sanjaya tells of the fall of Bhisma Karna enters the field Bhishma blesses Karna Drona appointed general Fall of Drona; story Duryodhana asks Drona to capture Yudhisthira The samsaptaka (the Trigartas) Drona … Read More

Sri Namastaka, by Srila Rupa Gosvami

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Sri Namastaka “Eight Prayers Glorifying the Holy Name” by Srila Rupa Gosvami Translated by Srila Prabhupada and Kusakratha dasa (Note: Translations followed by an asterisk are Srila Prabhupada’s.)   TEXT 1 nikhila-sruti-mauli-ratna-mala … Read More

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