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Stories and pastimesMayura Kutira (Mor Kuti), Varsana

This Forum is dedicated only to stories and pastimes of Krishna and His devotees
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Mayura Kutira (Mor Kuti), Varsana

Postby Manonatha Dasa » Sunday 12 March 2017, 8:43

The word ‘mayura’ as well as ‘mora’ are both names for a peacock and ‘kutira’ or ‘Kuti’ means a ‘small cottage’. This place has become famous because it was here that Shri Krishna danced just like a peacock. Once when Radharani was experiencing Her ‘mana’ or lovers pique, She came here and sat in solitude while sulking. In order to break Her ‘mana’ Shri Krishna came to this spot and began expertly dancing just like a peacock. Radharani became so enthralled by Krishna’s ecstatic peacock dance; She completely forgot Her mana and Krishna was once again able associate with Her.

On another occasion, it is said that Radha and Krishna were sitting at this spot when They were suddenly surrounded by hundreds of peacocks, who, with their exotic plumage in full array, started dancing in an ecstatic mood, due to seeing the combined beauty of the ‘divine lovers’ sitting together. Radha and Krishna then got up and also began to dance imitating the wonderful dancing movements of the peacocks. This place is situated within the celebrated forest of Gahvaravana that used to surround the south-eastern side of Brahmagiri Parvata.

There is also a rasa-mandala here and a small shrine commemorating the peacock dancing pastimes.

There is also a grove known as Chitra-kunja that belongs to the gopi Citra-sakhi, who lived in the nearby village of Ciksauli. Within the shrine at Mor Kuti is a famous painting of Krishna dancing as a peacock, which is believed to have been painted by a blind Vaishnava saint, who, while performing bhajana at this spot, is said to have received a special ‘darshana’ of this pastime. Chitra-sakhi herself was an expert artist and it is thought that she directly inspired the blind saint to paint this wonderful picture

12376171_183792328639199_3351273955200158913_nAnother wonderful pastime occurred here while Krishna was playing with his boyfriends who complained that they were feeling hungry and wanted to eat some sweets. Krishna then began playing His flute and within a short time many large baskets full of laddus could be seen lying here and there within the forest. The boys started eating all the laddus and because there were so many laddus lying around, the cowherd boys, while shouting “eat more laddus”, “eat more laddus”, began throwing the laddus at each other in great fun. To celebrate this famous pastime, a festival is held here in the month of August where the large crowds of revelers throw thousands of laddus at each other while celebrating this pastime of the cowherd boys.
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