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Postby Manonatha Dasa » Saturday 17 June 2017, 8:53

This asura wanted to bring the Devas under his control.
“How to achieve it? The only way is to please one of the three god-heads.”

The asura saw Narada and asked him which of the three god-heads could easily be pleased.

Narada replied that it was Siva.

Vrka resolved to please Siva and began to do penance.

He cut each of his organs and offered it in the fire as oblation.

At last when Vrkasura was beginning to cut his head to offer it in fire, Siva made his appearance, and asked him what his wish was.

The boon he requested for, was that any one whose head he touched with his finger should die instantly.

Siva granted that boon.

The asura decided to try the boon, on the giver himself first.

Terrified at this, Siva began to run.

The asura chased him.

At last Siva sought protection from Visnu.

Assuming the form of a boy, Mahavisnu stood on the way and stopped Vrkasura, who was running after Siva.

The boy asked him why he was running.

The asura told the boy everything.

Then the boy laughed and said

"Oh Asura! What Siva said was a lie. He has no divine power now. He was making fun of you. Not an ant would die by the touch of your fingers. You just try on your head and see for yourself.”

Hearing this the asura became dejected.

He thought what the boy said was true.

The poor creature touched his own head with his finger.

The moment he touched his head, he fell down dead.

(Bhagavata, Skandha 10).

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