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Manonatha DasaWhat I think of President Trump

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What I think of President Trump

Postby Manonatha Dasa » Monday 23 January 2017, 14:50

I have been asked this question many times during the last months. In general I don't like to get involved in these type of issues but this time I'll say something because it deals with the issue of truthfulness.

I can't have an opinion on President Trump for two reasons:
first I don't know him and
second I don't trust politicians (and unfortunately it's not a generalization).

They have not the habit of being truthfull, their lives are peppered with lies. Anything they says can be something else or the exact opposite.
A couple of examples everybody knows? I can give hundreds.
Clinton said, I never any sexual intercourse with miss Lewinsky. Didn't you?
Bush said, in Irak there are many weapons of mass destruction. There weren't any. It was an ooopp? Form your own opinion. Certainly this oooop costed hundreds of thousands lives.
Obama said, I'll close Guantanamo. Guantanamo is still there.
Trump said to Hillary Clinton, you shoud go to jail, and during his installation cerimony he said he was honored to have the Clintons present.
I can go on an on ad infinitum.

Will he do what he promised? We'll see.

You can't trust people who haven't been trained in brahminical culture, that teaches to always tell the truth, doesn't matter the outcome.

Nor I can get the media to tell me facts to form a personal opinions because they also lie. They manipulate facts and present them the way they like.
Big organization like CNN or Fox are political parties, not journalists.
So I don't trust them to help me judging one person or the other.
Journalist should present facts as they are, without any type of couting. Where are these truthful journalists?

This is Kali-yuga. Even the last of the four legs of the bull harassed by the personality of Kali is now cut and you can only trust those who have no interests in this material world.
They will tell the truth becaue they have no reasons to say something else.
* Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)

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