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AcaryasNarahari Sarakara has written this song. Mana Re Kaha Na Gaura Katha.

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Narahari Sarakara has written this song. Mana Re Kaha Na Gaura Katha.

Postby Manonatha Dasa » Sunday 12 March 2017, 8:45

Narahari Sarakara has written this song. Mana Re Kaha Na Gaura Katha.

In this song, Narahari Sarakara has glorified Lord Chaitanya.

mana re! kaha na gaura katha
gaurera nama, amiyara dhama, piriti murati data
sayane gaura, svapane gaura, gaura nayanera tara
jivane gaura, marane gaura, gaura galara hara
hiyara majhare, gauranga rakhiya, virale basiya raba
manera sadhete, se rupa-cadere, nayane nayane thoba
gaura vihane, na vanchi parane, gaura ka’rechi sara
gaura baliya, jauka jivane, kichu na cahiba ara
gaura gamana, gaura gathana, gaura mukhera hasi
gaura-piriti, gaura murati, hiyaya rahala pasi
gaura dharama, gaura karama, gaura vedera sara
gaura carane, parana sampinu, gaura karibena para
gaura sabada, gaura sampada, jahara hiyaya jage
narahari dasa, tahara carane, satata sarana mage
1) O mind! Speak only about Gaura. Gaura’s name is the abode of nectar, and the worshipable bestower of unnatojjvala-prema.
2) In sleeping – Gaura, in dreaming – Gaura. Gaura is the star of my eyes. In life – Gaura, at the time of death – Gaura. Gaura’s name is the precious necklace I wear around my neck!
3) Keeping Gauranga inside my heart, I will sit alone and fix my mind on His enchanting moon-like form. I will gaze in His eyes and become absorbed in His beauty.
4) Without Gaura I cannot live. Gaura is my everything. I pray to give up my life taking the name of Gaura – I ask for nothing else.
5) Gaura’s movements, Gaura’s nature, Gaura’s smiling face, Gaura’s love, Gaura’s full form – all enter my heart.
6) Gaura is my dharma, Gaura is the object of my karma, Gaura is the essence of the Vedas. I surrender my life at Gaura’s lotus feet. It is Gaura who will take me across (the ocean of material existence).
7) Gaura is the essential sound vibration and wealth for that person in whose heart He manifests. Narahari dasa always prays to take shelter at the feet of such a person.
* Manonatha Dasa (ACBSP)

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